The coolest Marketing-Idea since the invention of the watering can.
Your chance of paricipating on a million dollar market.

We plant the future

Imagine you having a plant, that earns money for you. And you event don't have to water it.

Phase 1

You buy a hemp plant from us - at the start phase for a top price advantage.

Phase 2

You are getting your harvest emblements credited to your account up to four times a year.

Phase 3

Your plants are guarded 24/7 by us. Kinda lazy, isn't it?

And it's totally legal: Our hemp has no psychotropic effect.
You are only getting high as you have a look on your accounting statement.

Why hemp?

Hemp is an ancient, sustainable and climate friendly cultural plant, that is experiencing an unexpected boom. CBD products are spoken about all around the world.

Our producers process the crops to high quality, medical Cannabis products, that can help pain patients. We keep the regulated lower bound of CBD concentration, which we test constantly. You can depend on it!

Flowering for your success

What you get from us is a high quality hemp plant, that grows under ideal indoor air and water conditions. (Outdoor plantation in bio quality in planning)

We orient the cultivation on pharmaceutic standards. Should a plant shrink, it is replaced immediately. Without hesitation.

Where are the plants coming from?

Our hemp plants come from the EU strain catalog. Cloning grants steady qualitiy of the blooms.

You are conviced by our idea? Can you imagine to convice others, so that you can increase your income with references? Here's a link to our affiliate program.


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Big market with big potential

Fact: The CBD market is growing big time: The USA alone will expect a factor ten increase of the market volume up to 10.3 Billion USD in the next five years, the average growth is 54 percent per year.

It's a trend, watched in europe too. Investors reckon with the participation of big food companies in the CBD market. Hemp trade fairs present diverse usage of hemp: Textile innovations up to wellness drinks.

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Andrea R.

My dog ​​has been getting the CBD oil for 3 days and fortunately tolerates it very well. I'm excited to see when changes will start to appear.

Petra M.

Due to my recurring back pain, I tried the creams and the cream minimized the pain after a short exposure time, I will buy it again.

Elena F.

The face cream is just awesome. It absorbs quickly and the imperfections disappear. Top product.

Georg S.

I used the CBD drops before bed and after a few minutes I was pleasantly tired. I fell asleep immediately and in the morning I felt great. I can't remember when I slept so well.