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Frequently asked questions

About the company
Where is the headquarters of the company?

MFP My First Plant GmbH is located at Dr.-Arthur-Lemisch-Platz 3 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria.

Who is the CEO of My First Plant?

The CEO of MFP My First Plant GmbH is Mario Abraham, who has managed to make the business model of MFP My First Plant GmbH suitable for mass market thanks to his years of expertise in the hemp sector and his experienced team.

Which products and services are offered?

Outdoor and indoor CBD plants are offered for sale, which are cultivated, harvested and managed by MFP My First Plant GmbH. MFP My First Plant GmbH in further consequence sells the harvest yields. The proceeds from the sale of the flower mass are distributed to the customer. Important: Outdoor plants are not available all year round, but are an additional offer.

In addition, CBD products and hemp products are offered, some of which are made from the company's own hemp plants or are also produced in cooperation with various partners. To round off the overall range, edible oils, CBD accessories and other products for daily use are also offered.

Information about the CBD plants
How long do you own the indoor CBD plant?

The indoor CBD plant becomes the property of the customer upon full payment. This takes place in the form of a sales contract. This means that the ownership of the plant is not limited in time.

Through a service management and hosting contract, MFP My First Plant GmbH will be obliged to host and manage the indoor CBD plant. However, this service is limited to a period of five years. MFP My First Plant GmbH will not charge any additional costs to the customer within this period.

How often can an indoor CBD plant be harvested?

In principle, the indoor CBD plant can only be harvested once. Through the cultivation contract, MFP My First Plant GmbH undertakes to re-grow the plant by repeatedly cutting off a side shoot of the plant, from which a new plant is grown up. Due to this, three harvests per year (every 120 days) can be achieved.

How long do you own the outdoor CBD plant?

The outdoor CBD plants were planted and cultivated in Carinthia, Austria. Due to the climate conditions in Austria, these plants can only be harvested a single time. During the harvesting process, the entire CBD plant is processed, which is why further harvesting is not possible. The outdoor CBD plant is thus cultivated and managed until the first harvest. After that, the outdoor CBD plant no longer exists. New Outdoor CBD Plants can be purchased again during next sales promotions.

Is it possible to visit the plants?

Both our CBD fields and our halls can be visited after an appointment. For safety reasons, regular tours are not made. To make an appointment, you can contact support@myfirstplant.eu.

What happens in case of crop failure?

MFP My First Plant GmbH has already taken preventive measures to minimize the risk of crop failure. In the indoor area, the rooms were divided into several sections so that, for example, not all plants would be affected in the event of a pest infestation. For outdoor cultivation, fields were explicitly selected that are located in an almost wind-free zone and where the risk of a hailstorm is extremely low. MFP My First Plant GmbH is always conscientiously working out new concepts within the framework of risk management in order to reduce various risks from harmful insects, infestations or insects to a minimum in a preventive, sustainable and calculable manner.

If, for whatever reason, there is a one-time crop failure, MFP My First Plant GmbH could cover this crop failure with its own plants by replacing the customer's plant by MFP My First Plant GmbH with the company's own plant. If the crop failure would last longer, or if MFP My First Plant GmbH could not cover the crop failure by its own plants, the contract would be extended by the failed crop periods.

Contract duration and extension
Do I have ongoing costs?

The price includes the hosting and servicing of the plant for five years, so there are no ongoing additional costs for the customer.

What happens to my indoor CBD plant after five years?

Customers will be notified in advance of contract expiration that the contract is about to expire. The option to extend the contract and the exact terms of the extension option would also be communicated to the customer.
However, the contract does not renew automatically.

Why can't I pick up my plant after the contract expires?

The contract expires with the last harvest, so after the last harvest, without contract extension, the plant is no longer serviced or further breeding of the plant is stopped. In the course of the last harvest, the entire plant is processed. Now, if the plant is not continued with a leaf sprout, the plant cannot continue to exist.

What would be the cost of contract extension?

Like all other companies, MFP My First Plant GmbH must act economically and be able to react flexibly to economic changes. This flexibility is made impossible for the company if the price for the contract extension, which is not due to take place in five years' time, is already fixed now. The exact costs or the conditions of the extension would be communicated to the customer shortly before the existing contract expires.

Terms of payment
What payment and withdrawal options are available?

Orders can be paid via SEPA bank transfer or Bitcoin Direct Checkout. Likewise, special vouchers or already existing credit can be used for payment. However, the credit must be able to cover the total amount of the invoice. Partial payments with credit are not possible. Vouchers, on the other hand, reduce the purchase price when redeemed.

Payment is made directly to the customer's bank account or to a BTC wallet of the customer.

How can I distribute my crop yield?

Before the first payout, it is mandatory to perform the KYC procedure to establish the identity of the customer. After that, the payout can be requested in the back office. The payout can be made directly to the customer's bank account or to the customer's Bitcoin wallet.

Can I have my crop yield distributed to someone else's bank account?

Harvesting yield can be distributed only to the MFP account holder's bank account. Therefore, the name of the bank account holder must be the same as the name of the MFP account holder.

When will I receive my requested payment?

Payout requests are collected from Monday (day 1) up to and including Sunday (day 7) to be released on the following Monday (day 8).

I have already paid for my CBD plant, but I don't see it in my back office yet. What can I do?

It is important to specify the order number in the reason for payment so that the system can assign the payment to the order.
In some cases, the system may not automatically recognize the order number in the payment reference, which is why the payment could not be automatically assigned. In this case you should contact the support (support@myfirstplant.eu) and tell them the order number, so that the booking can be made manually. The order number can be found in the back office under the menu item "Transactions".

I have paid my order with BTC. Since then, my order is on "pending". Why is this and what can I do now?

Due to BTC exchange rate fluctuations, the payment may be minimally too low to cover the price by the time it reaches MFP. This happens especially when you make the payment through an exchange such as "Binance". Exchanges take a little longer to accept payouts, so the small difference may occur during this time. In this case, report the case to the support (support@myfirstplant.eu) and provide them with the order number and TX hash of the BTC transaction.

Mailings / Certificates
I have received a notification that I am receiving a package from MFP My First Plant GmbH, although I have not ordered anything. What is inside this package?

This is a welcome package, which every customer receives for free as a small gesture of thanks.

I have received information that I will receive a certificate. When will this certificate be sent to me and what is the meaning of it?

The certificate is part of the welcome package and represents a small gesture of welcome. It is by no means a certificate in the legal sense.

Sales and commissions
What distribution methods does the company use?

MFP My First Plant GmbH uses several sales and distribution methods that have proven successfully over the past decades. Step by step, core elements from direct sales, commercial agency, customer stores, network marketing, franchise concepts, etc. were bundled into a closed package as a "partner program", which now serves as the backbone of MFP My First Plant GmbH's sales.

I would like to recommend MFP to others. How can I do that?

You can recommend MFP to friends and partners by copying your own personal MFP recommendation link from the "Dashboard" and sending it to the respective person. This link can be found under the "Dashboard" menu item, at the very top. It is important that the person to whom you send the link does not change already pre-filled fields, so that it can be assigned directly.

Why did I receive only half of the commission in the 1st level for the first person?

You always get 5% for the first person in the 1st level with an indoor CBD plant. From the second person on you get 10% for the second person and all other persons in the first level. MFP My First Plant GmbH offers distributors the unique opportunity to get 5% again for the first person in the 1st level if you manage to recruit a second person with an indoor CBD plant within the same calendar month.

What happens if I don't manage to win the second person within the same calendar month?

You then only get the 5% for the first person, but still the 10% for the second person and every additional person. The non-activated, additional 5% ends up in a "diligence pool" ( please see affiliate program), for which you can qualify every month.

What are the requirements to qualify for the Diligence Pool?

To qualify for the Diligence Pool, you need direct plant sales. There are a total of 10 spots in the Diligence Pool, which can be filled based on performance. The partners who have sold the most plants directly, i.e. to the 1st level, by the end of the month qualify.